IIT-K Mechanical Day Visit [Post 1]

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Mechanical Day At Indian Institute of  Technology Kanpur

On 18th of October,I got chance to visit the IIT-K Mechanical Day Event ! Here’s a review of the whole day surprisingly enjoyed… !

The go...

As clear by the name,Mechanical Day was a 2-day exhibiting celebration of Indian Institute of Technology’s [Department of Mechanical Engineering](Click here to visit IIT-K’s Mechanical Department Site).The Event was coordinated efficiently by the IIT-K  students seeking Graduation and higher Degrees in the Mechanical Engg. Department.

Viewing the Nano-Satellite : JUGNU

The bus stopped at the Main hall into which; the Indian Nano-Satellite Jugnu is for Exhibition.

Indian Nano-Satellite Jugnu

The development of the Jugnu started in the year 2008 with a team of 3 students. With
time, the team has grown to the size of more than 50 students ranging from 1st year
undergraduates to final year postgraduates and 14 professors from different disciplines
to complete this challenging mission. In a few months time, Jugnu will be handed over
to ISRO for final testing and integration.
Golden Jubilee year of IIT Kanpur(Aug 2009- Dec 2010) will witness the launch of
Jugnu from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (also known as SHAR, located in Sriharikota,
Andhra Pradesh) by ISRO’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.

For more Details on Jugnu,please visit the Official IIT-K Jugnu site by clicking on the picture shown above.

Viewing the Vehicular Engine Test Laboratory

After spending a great time viewing the Indian Nano-Satellite Jugnu,we proceeded to the Engine Test Lab.It was a rough tough ‘Not like Lab’ looking Hall where Car engines and huge Test Rigs were installed.Our Guiding Graduate told us that the engines were mainly the same design as used in Tata Indica and the most powerful rig kept was a 2500 cc engine with 80 bhp power which was used a testing rig for other engines.This engine is equivalent to a powerful SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle),though the Technology was older than CRDi(Common Rail Dual Injection Fueling) or MPFi(Multi Point Fuel Injection) Techniques.

Outside the Laboratory,a Custom Scorpio is parked which runs on Bio-fuel !

Bio-Fuel Based Scorpio

The Bio-Diesel Production Plant

Bio-Fuel Plant Front Panel

After watching the Bio-fuel based Scorpio developed by the IIT-Kanpur Team,we were taken to the Bio-Fuel Production Plant.The Plant consisted of cylinders and cells which were connected to each other sequentially.The Fuel was mainly extracted through fruit oils through the process of Esterification.The fuel obtained is mixed with Mineral diesel(the diesel available at petrol pumps)in a ratio of 1:9 ie. only 10% of bio-oil is mixed with 90% of mineral diesel to get Bio-Diesel which could be used in that Scorpio Engine kept Outside.So we see that is why,the Bio-fuel Development is still under research to minimize the production cost and increasing the ratio value of Bio-fuel to the Mineral Diesel.

The Metallurgical Department

I don’t know why and how,but interestingly just after the Bio-Plant ,our coordinators took us to the Metallurgical Laboratory which had the coolest machinery I’d ever seen !

The Metallurgical Department Lab

The Metallurgical Laboratory consisted of high-tech Rigs which comprised of a metal cutting machine fitted with an intelligent Feeder computer. The Vectors of the programmed design of the tool could be feed and simulated to get desired result and then could be sent to the attached Tool Cutting Machine which did the job in few minutes !

Professor explaining the C2C Machine

The professor controlling the Simulator showed us the code and process for cutting a Nut-Bolt through a solid cylinder.Most of the Machines were based on 2-dimensional and 3-Dimensional Vector and CAD programming.

The tools prepared from those Machines

The machine has its application over the large scale production of small tools as shown above.By default such tools are built through mechanically operated rigs which have higher chances of low quality or even mistaken-ed defective production.On the opposite,this machine is fully digitalized and accompanies a Simulator output which requires just code of the designed tool and then after viewing the 3D design on a computer ; the code is then sent to the machine and tools can be prepared on large scale without any flaw !

Manually Operated tool based Machines

After this we were taken to even more advanced Metallurgical Laboratory which consisted of similar type of Machine but for slightly larger tools and more complicated Designs ! The picture of Laughing Buddha shown below is a creative example of the capabilties of that machine…

Statue of Lord Buddha

The Laboratory also consisted of very powerful cutter Machine which required excess amount of coolent and very low temperature to operate,so that heat produced during cutting the metal block could be minimized.It’s shown below…

Excess of Coolent drops temp,reduces friction hence reducing heat


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IIT-K Mechanical Day Visit [Post 2]

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  • IIT-K Mechanical Day Visit [Post 2] September 19, 2010
    Continued... On 18th of October,I got chance to visit the IIT-K Mechanical Day Event ! Here's a review of the whole day surprisingly enjoyed... !
  • IIT-K Mechanical Day Visit [Post 1] September 19, 2010
    On 18th of October,I got chance to visit the IIT-K Mechanical Day Event ! Here's a review of the whole day surprisingly enjoyed... !

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