IIT-K Mechanical Day Visit [Post 2]

September 19, 2010 at 11:32 PM 3 comments

*continued from post 1*

Here are few more pictures from the Metallurgical Laboratory

Controller Device for the machine

Exquisite cutter fitted in the device

Its huge !More pic pic...

The Vehicular Laboratory

The Hall had two cars which were under some or the other Research Projects.The First carTata Indica was fitted with Anti-Lock Braking System(ABS) Advanced braking Mechanism which is being reworked in IIT-K independently.ABS offers improved vehicle control and decreases stopping distances on dry and especially slippery surfaces.

The second vehicle was Tata Sumo fitted with heavy metal rails over the bumper parts.On inquiring the coordinator,we came to know that it was under a successful Research Project with RDSO Lucknow in which road vehicle could be used as Rail Flaw Detection Vehicle on the Railway Tracks !

that's not me, I'm always busy clicking pics lols !

We could not believe our eyes that  Tata  Sumo could also run on railway tracks !

Adjacent to the hall where cars were parked,there was a glass shielded room with a huge machine kept on a size of billiards table.

Those are the coin thickness metal plates to be cut...

This amazing machine worked slight differently to cut metal sheets.It used sanded water at high pressure to cut the metal sheets as thick as 25 mm !

The required design could be drawn on a CAD software running on the controller and when executed,the machine forced steam and sand on the thick metal sheet to shape it as required.

A pentagonal shape designed on the controller.

Machine v/s Nature

While going from one hall to another,I marked that IIT-K is just not the place for Machines… The campus has significant amount of greenery and beauty all around !

Peacocks can be seen roaming freely in the campus.

The Magnetic Magic

A really interesting part of the event was when we were taken to the “Vibrational and Dynamics Lab” !

Awesome  place to pass time all day observing lasers and shiny tech gadgets… The Lab comprised of Laser based Aero-material flaw detection Unit; A robot which could crawl into pipelines;and accurate vibrations and frequency measuring instruments.

In another room,we watched a solid metal ball floating in air !

Solid Metallic Ball suspended in air due to magnetic fields

More pic of floating ball !

Few Labs were security locked through numeric input pads,though our access was not granted to such Laboratories but I found it cool to snap it up…

Access Denied lols !

Unfortunately my mobile phone battery ran out in between and I was unable to take more snaps of the tour 😦

We spent considerable amount of time playing with the Infrared camera(the one in IIT-K lab was 1/2 f,25mm IRC ! ).The delegate demonstrating IR Camera told us that,IRC’s have applications in the field of Medical(detecting cancerous cells as they have higher temperature than the body),Army(IRC’s are used as Night Vision Cameras for detecting terrorists and human bodies in dense forests or zero vision places),measuring accurate temperatures of very tiny electronic devices and body locations for which Thermocouples can’t be used.

Apart from its applications in different fields,I can bet that IR Cameras are great for playing  ! Viewing your face in IRC output,viewing your  wrist nerves,temperature zones of different parts of your body,viewing your mobile phone and wrist watch is really cool as I tried !

At around 6:30 in the evening,I had to return back from this awesome place 🙂

A very hapytym to say 🙂

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IIT-K Mechanical Day Visit [Post 1]

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    hey bhai..uve done a great work in creating this site!!luv ur pics!!

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  • IIT-K Mechanical Day Visit [Post 2] September 19, 2010
    Continued... On 18th of October,I got chance to visit the IIT-K Mechanical Day Event ! Here's a review of the whole day surprisingly enjoyed... !
  • IIT-K Mechanical Day Visit [Post 1] September 19, 2010
    On 18th of October,I got chance to visit the IIT-K Mechanical Day Event ! Here's a review of the whole day surprisingly enjoyed... !

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